82% Of U.S. Schools May Be Labeled ‘Failing’

| March 9, 2011

Somebody should think about these programs before implementing them.  Government morons get an F as in failing for setting it up this way! “No Child Left Behind is broken and we need to fix it now,” Education Secretary Duncan said in a statement. “This law has created a thousand ways for schools to fail and very […]

Providence School Board Votes To Fire All Teachers, Has A $40 Million Dollar Deficit

| February 25, 2011

The Providence School Department (District) has a $40-million deficit.  So the big question is: Why was this deficit allowed to get so large in the first place.  Inquiring minds want to know!  Yes we know, nobody learned math 101… so now we have 1,000’s of math morons running public departments supported by the government with large budget deficits around the […]

Another Economic Tidal Wave Coming Towards California

| February 20, 2011

How Congressional Budget Cuts Will Effect California   Under the GOP House proposals, about $1.5 billion in federal funds for California would be trimmed, affecting such things as Pell grants, Head Start, K-12 education and rail projects. Reporting from Washington— University of California students would take a nearly $55-million hit from reductions in Pell grants. […]

Wisconsin Senate Fails Vote…State In Chaos

| February 18, 2011

OK, let’s look at the options, the State of Wisconsin is broke,  and the Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on needed changes of things that were agreed to at a different time and under quite different circumstances 50 years ago.  A state isn’t like a federal government in that it can’t print its own money, therefore they either do […]

Education-Based Inequality Increased In 2010

| January 23, 2011

By Michael Mandel Jan 23, 2011 This chart shows median weekly wages for full-time wage and salary workers, adjusted for inflation, and indexed to 2000 (the data comes from the BLS   ”usual weekly earnings” series). There are three things to take away from this chart. *First, the wage gap between holders of advanced degrees and […]

Illinois Lawmakers Target Teachers

| January 3, 2011

The backlash is coming,…front row, center court!  From The Wall Street Journal….. Illinois lawmakers are considering sweeping legislation that would link teacher tenure to student test scores, make it easier to fire ineffective teachers and curb teachers’ right to strike. The measure, debated during a Senate panel hearing Monday, moves Illinois to the forefront of […]

Turn Out The Lights, The Party Is Over!

| December 20, 2010

$2 Trillion Debt Crisis Threatens To Bring Down 100+ U.S. Cities Way to go Meredith Whitney…..Logic says the states will be doing huge (really huge) cut backs and layoffs…..So inquiring minds want to know how the economy can grow in these circumstances. To all of the economists out there, it sounds like Meredith is one of the few that gets it! […]

Student Loan Debt Now Surpasses Total Credit Card Debt

| September 7, 2010

Here is another government controlled project.  These are unbelievable statistics.  Simply beyond belief!  Credit card debt peaked at $975 billion back in September of 2008 and is now down to $826 billion. Past and current students now carry a stunning $829 billion in student loan debt.   Fact:  You are not allowed to discharge student loan debt through bankruptcy.  […]

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