We Are At An Inflexion Point And The Middle Class Is Largely Being Squeezed Out

| January 29, 2010

But we are at an inflexion point and the middle class is largely being squeezed out.  A recent study from the Commerce Department shed some light on an issue that we already know.  Over the past 20 years the middle class has been falling behind: Everything is relative in this world.  Incomes have gone up […]

Over 37 Million Americans Are Now On Food Stamps, It’s The Biggest Percentage Ever

| January 29, 2010

We have many more people simply trying to stay afloat let alone pursuing the middle class ideal.  Over 37 million Americans are now part of the food stamp program, not only is this the highest number ever but also the highest percentage of Americans ever to be on food assistance:   More at :  http://www.mybudget360.com/

Organ Donors Business May Gain Monetary Incentive

| January 10, 2010

In March 2009 Singapore legalized a government plan for paying organ donors. Although it’s not clear yet when this will be implemented, the amounts being discussed for payment, around $50,000, suggest the possibility of a significant donor incentive. So far, the U.S. has lagged other countries in addressing the shortage, but last year, Sen. Arlen […]

Active Twitter Users…..

| December 2, 2009

From  www.ingerletter.com

How The Swine Flu Works…….

| December 1, 2009

H1N1 Deaths Doubling Almost Every Two Weeks in Europe

| November 22, 2009

H1N1 Deaths Doubling Almost Every Two Weeks in Europe By Jason Gale Nov. 23 (Bloomberg) — Swine flu deaths have doubled almost every two weeks since mid-October in Europe, with 166 occurring in the past week, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention said. Across the region, 667 people infected with the new H1N1 […]

Dirty Swines…..Minnesota Pigs Tested Positive for H1N1

| October 16, 2009

Minnesota Pigs Tested for H1N1, May Be First in U.S.   By Whitney McFerron Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) — Three pigs from the Minnesota state fair have been “tentatively identified” as having swine flu in what may be the first U.S. cases of the H1N1 virus among domestic livestock. The pigs were tested at the fair […]

Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option

| October 1, 2009

  Swiss Health Without Public Option   By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ  October 1, 2009 ZURICH — Like every other country in Europe, Switzerland guarantees health care for all its citizens. But the system here does not remotely resemble the model of bureaucratic, socialized medicine often cited by opponents of universal coverage in the United States. Swiss […]

New Study From Stanford University On Stem Cells From Human Fat………

| September 11, 2009

                          Human Fat Yields Multipurpose Potent Stem Cells Human fat from liposuctions can be converted to induced pluripotent stem cells These cells have the potential to become any tissue in the body Less than half a Coke can’s worth of fat needed for process, researcher says By Elizabeth Landau CNN (CNN) — You know that […]

Swine Flu Spreading at ‘Unbelievable’ Rate: WHO…..This Could Take The Economies Of The World Down Faster Then Derivitives Did

| August 30, 2009

Swine Flu Spreading at ‘Unbelievable’ Rate: WHO PARIS — Swine flu spreads four times faster than other viruses and 40 percent of the fatalities are young adults in good health, the world’s top health official warned in an interview appearing Saturday. “This virus travels at an unbelievable, almost unheard of speed,” World Health Organisation Director […]

New Miracle Bacteria Killer Called Silver Dihydrogen Citrate From Pure Bioscience

| August 24, 2009

How to Kill Germs, and Consumer Resistance Sandy Huffaker for The New York Times Consumers can be skeptical of new disinfectants, so Michael Krall is eager to demonstrate his faith in his company’s ingredient, silver dihydrogen citrate, that is contained in a new consumer product called PureGreen 24. By NATASHA SINGER Published: August 22, 2009 […]

President Obama On Why We Need Health Care Reforms – Four Good Reasons………….Agreed

| August 16, 2009

Op-Ed Contributor      New York Times Why We Need Health Care Reform By BARACK OBAMA Published: August 15, 2009 OUR nation is now engaged in a great debate about the future of health care in America. And over the past few weeks, much of the media attention has been focused on the loudest voices. What we […]

Inside The Health Care Bill, aka HR3200……

| July 26, 2009

Here is the entire 1017 page Health Care Bill. There is a man by the name of Peter Fleckstein (aka Fleckman) who is reading it and has been posting on Twitter his findings. This is from his postings (Note: All comments are Fleckman’s) Pg 16: SEC. 102. PROTECTING THE CHOICE TO KEEP CURRENT COVERAGE. lines […]

New York City Braces for Swine Flu’s Resurgence….

| July 20, 2009

Lessons Learned, New York   City Braces for Swine Flu’s   Resurgence……………  July 21, 2009 By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS As New York City braces for a second wave of swine flu this fall, health officials are making plans to carve space out of hospitals, clinics and other buildings to screen people before they can overwhelm emergency rooms. […]

The Year 1918

| May 4, 2009

Hmm……….Anyone ever wonder if those masks really worked back in 1918? -TheStatedTruth.com Policemen in Seattle wearing masks made by the Red Cross, during the influenza epidemic, December 1918.

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