Obama Health Care…Coming To You Soon! Doesn’t Look To Simple, Does It?

Posted By on November 8, 2010

To get a visual idea of the complexity surrounding the new health-care requirements, you can peruse the following chart prepared by the Joint Economic Congressional Committee, which outlines the bureaucratic Frankenstein that is being created. I’m printing the chart in a size that is too small to read here, just to give you the idea.

You can download the chart itself by clicking here.


To put ObamaCare in context, keep in mind nearly 60% of Americans receive their health care from their employer. 19% of Americans have no coverage.


Once ObamaCare is in force in 2014, the uninsured will be redistributed: a third will go to Medicaid, 28% will go to Government health exchanges, and the remaining 41% will continue to be uninsured.

From: John Mauldin’s  www.investorsinsight.com/

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