NBA Set To Take Over The New Orleans Hornets

Posted By on December 5, 2010

Well, here is our opinion on this and it’s just an opinion.  Sounds like the New Orleans Hornets name will be retired at some point (maybe next season) just like the baseball Motreal Expos were (they moved to Washington D.C. and became the Nationals), and the Supersonics may be reestablished in Seattle.  The old Sonics moved to Oklahoma City (after a court battle to stay in Seattle) and were renamed the Thunder, while at the same time the Seattle Supersonics history will be shared, the colors and the name were given back to the city of Seattle and can be used for a new NBA team.  This makes logical sense, despite the NBA saying that it intends to keep the team in New Orleans.  The Hornets originated in Charlotte back in 1988-89 as a NBA expansion team and moved to New Orleans after the 2001-02 season because of a dispute over a new arena in Charlotte.

The New Orleans Hornets will soon be playing for the first franchise in league history owned by the NBA.   Sources close to the situation told on Sunday that the league’s fast-moving plans to take temporary control of the New Orleans Hornets are going ahead “100 percent” and will be publicly confirmed within the next few days, mirroring what Major League Baseball did with the Montreal Expos before that franchise was sold and moved to the nation’s capital as the Washington Nationals.  This is unprecented.

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