Bank For International Settlements Warns Of Higher Interest Rates

Posted By on June 28, 2011

Interest rates are at record 100 year lows, but even so, the world is sporting an unusually slow learning curve!  Logically speaking, if interest rates were to climb,  it would be “lights out, game over” and the mother of all depressions.  Something to think about since no one else seems to be interested.

BIS is warning of higher rates to come. “All financial crises, especially those generated by a credit-fuelled property price boom, leave long-lasting wreckage”Bank for International Settlements…

With the Economy still in a hungover mood from the last crisis, the World has not learnt much. We have banks that are rather leveraged again, just like some of the central banks. The ECB has a gearing of around 24 times, and would be insolvent overnight if Greece defaults. Fed has expanded it’s balance sheet hugely. What has caused the boom in many assets? What if rates start going higher?

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