Sorry Generation Snowflake … YOU LOST … Stop Crying Real Tears And Get A Life!

Posted By on November 12, 2016

Generation Snowflake, or the Snowflake Generation, is a term that refers to young people, typically university or college students, who seek to avoid emotionally charged topics, dissenting ideas, opposite opinions or unpopular (in their minds) outcomes because it makes them depressed and severely distressed. In light of this, snowflakes are now demanding that schools and universities offer them a safe space environment and time off from classes to get over their election shock and depression. 

The snowflake generation was created by a society over protecting them as they grew up, and giving them an award for participation in events they were a participant in, even though they won nothing. The participation award made them think they should always be rewarded and that they were as good as the winner, regardless of outcomes, the reasoning being otherwise many of them would never win anything and become depressed. Snowflakes think they should have total fulfillment throughout life, even if not earned, it made winners out of everybody. Generation Snowflake members “are genuinely distressed by ideas that run contrary to their perceived worldview”; and they are more likely than previous generations of students to report that they have mental health problems.

The problem has become a highlight during the 2016 presidential election. When Donald Trump won the presidential election in a surprise upset, the snowflakes went off on rioting binges reasoning that Hillary Clinton should be president, because it was so important to her and she deserved it.

In recent days, Snowflakes have created petitions to overrule the accepted results of the election in favor of ‘giving’ Hillary Clinton the presidency, and have managed to accumulate over 2 million votes to do so.

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