Secret Meetings…..So What’s On The Agenda?

Posted By on April 29, 2010

Information is circulating of a secret meeting between U.S. and Egyptian as well as Israeli defense officials, as well as even the Palestinians asking the Chinese to back-off working with Iran; because of growing concern that Iran now seeks triggering a false reason for conflict, perhaps within the next three-four months or so. Egypt in particular is focusing on a diversion by Hezbollah (in Lebanon) aided by the Syrians (who are intractable), which provides such complexity that it subverts the forthcoming U.S. (and later UN) efforts to invoke sanctions to deflect Iran’s intent to start a major regional war (never assume that fanatics can be easily reasoned with of course). And by the way, one report has the U.S. (we mentioned the start of this a couple months back) accelerating facilities in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, with a report that President Obama is signaling an intent to take out Iran if they don’t start to cooperate (that may or may not be bluster or rumor, but it is a circulating story). In any event everybody acknowledges an Iranian (triple pass some say off the record) jet overflew the USS Eisenhower, the only carrier we have in the Persian Gulf now, in the early part of the week. While this is not especially unique, they are probing us one more time. ‘Rumor’ has it that two additional carriers will move to the region ‘soon’.

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