Gordon T. Long Reviews Interest Rate Swap Deals That Have Become Problematic…..How About The $437 Trillion In Interest Rate Swaps Outstanding

Posted By on April 30, 2010


I have written extensively about the unregulated, non-exchange traded, offshore, off balance sheet (OTC) $605 Trillion derivatives market and specifically about the $437 Trillion Interest rate swap market. In Sultans of Swap: the Getaway I laid out some of the court actions taking place throughout Europe and the US at all levels of government. Below is a summary of those findings along with governments where the use of Interest rate Swaps is publicly documented.


 This list includes only those Interest Rate Swap deals that have become problematic or which I have written about. The Service Employees Union (SEIU) has additionally documented an extensive list that was published by the Wall Street Journal: This study by the Service Employees International Union, was commissioned to demonstrate the broad based seriousness of the problem.


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