ECB Extends Liquidity Measures

| December 2, 2010

This was a no brainer……from the ECB (European Central Bank) The ECB has abandoned its plans to wind down emergency support for banks and government debt markets.  The ECB will continue to offer unlimited liquidity to banks for as long as necessary, ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet said at a news conference in Frankfurt Thursday.  It had […]

European Central Bank Heading Down A Dark Road

| November 15, 2010

Europe Stumbles Blindly Towards Its 1931 Moment By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  Nov 15, 2010 Unless the ECB takes fast and dramatic action, it risks destroying the currency it is paid to manage, and allowing a political catastrophe to unfold in Europe. If mishandled, Ireland could all too easily become a sovereign version of Credit Anstalt – […]

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