What Does This Tell Us About Unintended Consequences……

| May 16, 2011

It tells us that the Japanese nuclear reactor survived the quake some how, but surprisingly not the tsunami.     Maybe the U.S. economy survived the banking and real estate crisis, but gets crushed by the (floods,debt crisis,weather,currency crash, oil shortage, etc….?), we’ll likely know by fall!   TEPCO admits nuclear meltdown occurred at Fukushima reactor 16 hours after […]

The Guardian Is Reporting That The Core At Reactor 2 May Have Melted To Concrete

| March 29, 2011

News is leaking out of Japan on the nuclear reactors, no pun intended…..General Electric experts are talking of  a blob of nuclear lava as an end result of a total melt down on unit 2 which appears to be a total loss.  If true, the “experts” say it should take away the risk of explosion!  Workers […]

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