We May Be ‘Facing 50-100-year Battle’ At Fukushima

| March 31, 2011

So you want your power to come from a nuclear reactor do you……A nuclear expert has warned that it might be 50-100 years before melting fuel rods can be safely removed from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant.  Two new experts say capping the damaged reactors with concrete is not an option.  They had better get together with […]

Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario At Japan’s Fukushima Power Plant

| March 13, 2011

Let’s review the specific power plant in question, the General Electric design BWR Mark 1. “This is a boiling water reactor. It’s one of the first designs ever developed for commercial reactors in this country, and it’s widely used in Japan as well. Compared to other reactors, if you look at NRC studies, according to calculations, […]

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