Allied Forces Attack Libya…Middle East: A Match Looking For A Stick Of Dynamite

| March 19, 2011

Are we seeing the start of WW III…..? U.S. and coalition forces launched military strikes against Libya, gambling that a rapid and substantial attack could knock out loyalist support for Gadhafi. Gaza Fires 50 Mortars Into Israel, Heaviest Barrage In Two Years….. Israel is sure to bring even more geopolitical tension, especially with Iran adn […]

British Foreign Minister Reports Gaddafi On Way To Venezuela…Gaddafi Says No, He Is In Tripoli

| February 21, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know what happens to the Libyan Gold….Uh, one guess…It follows Gaddafi out of Libya.  Duh! Libya had 143.8 tonnes of Gold and is (was) the ninth largest oil producer!

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