These Are The Most Valuable NFL Football Teams

| December 22, 2022

No comments needed! BY TYLER DURDEN WEDNESDAY, DEC 21, 2022 – 08:20 PM The world’s most valuable sports teams include internationally beloved soccer clubs, massive NBA franchises, and renowned MLB teams. But, it’s the National Football League (NFL) that arguably tops them all. In June 2022, the Denver Broncos sold for $4.65 billion, a record for the most […]

“Net Energy Gain” – US Scientists Make Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion

| December 12, 2022

The US department of energy has said energy secretary Jennifer Granholm and under-secretary for nuclear security Jill Hruby will announce “a major scientific breakthrough” at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on Tuesday. “If this is confirmed, we are witnessing a moment of history,” said Dr Arthur Turrell, a plasma physicist whose book The Star Builders charts the […]

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