Bad Seats, Hey Buddy!

| January 5, 2012

This is what can happen on a bad day in the stock market……..bad seats, hey buddy!  Buuuddy was the Cat.

Mutual Fund Money Is All Aboard….The Bad News Blues

| August 31, 2011

Historically it’s very negative for the stock market when cash levels are low. It means that everybody that wants in the market , is in, and the money has been spent. It’s doubly bad when cash levels are at record lows!  Mutual funds just saw Liquid Assets drop to a new all time record low of 3.3% (down from 3.4%).  […]

NYSE Margin Debt Surges, Net Speculator Leverage Second Highest Ever

| April 19, 2011

This is the second highest net leverage ever seen on on the NYSE,  and only a freckle away from a new record….Words to the wise, be prepared is not just a boy scout motto. The NYSE has released its monthly margin debt update for March. Not surprisingly, with EVERYONE chasing nothing but levered beta, margin […]

Another Stock Market Warning

| April 9, 2011

More warning signals for the stock market………just the opposite of the bottom!

Here Is Why The Stock Market Continues Higher….It Has Followed The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet

| March 12, 2011

This will continue until the stimulus stops, at that point everything will change, and not for the better!  So, eyes on the road everybody.  New guidance should be coming soon from the Federal Reserve.

Ever Wonder Why Stock Markets Tend To Dive In October Of Every Year

| September 29, 2010

Thoughts from Art Cashin on the floor of The New York Stock Exchange “The months of May and October have always broken hearts on Wall Street.  In fact when I studied under the Moose Head (at Eberlins) it was a frequent subject.  Prior to 1929 it was almost logical.  We were an agrarian society and […]

New York Fed To Buy $27 Billion In Treasurys……

| September 13, 2010

So what will bolt from the gate fastest Stocks, Bonds or could Gold and Silver lead the way?  The New York Fed has just disclosed it will buy $27 billion in Treasurys between mid-Sept and mid-October. Using the Basel III blessed 30x leverage, this money, once it makes its way to the Primary Dealers, should be […]

Market Liquidity Update: 112 Stocks Now Account For Half The Day’s Trading Volume

| September 13, 2010

Hmm, this is a rather stunning study to say the least.  And people wonder why there is a flight from equities into bonds. 09-13-2010 The latest Abel/Noser analysis has been released and according to the data analytics firm just 112 stocks now account for half of the day’s volume, the top 20 stocks account for 26% […]

Quote Of The Day…..

| July 23, 2009

“Our enemies of today are the forces of privilege and greed within our own borders.”                                                             Franklin Roosevelt

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