Is There A Doctor In The House!

| February 28, 2012

Bill Gross talking here…It’s the new normal, and a sign of the times as bank accounts and money market accounts basically yield nothing…and who gets the smelly end of the stick, yep… main street is the one taking it up the wazoo, yet again! Chart 1 shows that since 1981, which marks the beginning of the secular […]

New York Fed To Buy $27 Billion In Treasurys……

| September 13, 2010

So what will bolt from the gate fastest Stocks, Bonds or could Gold and Silver lead the way?  The New York Fed has just disclosed it will buy $27 billion in Treasurys between mid-Sept and mid-October. Using the Basel III blessed 30x leverage, this money, once it makes its way to the Primary Dealers, should be […]

Market Liquidity Update: 112 Stocks Now Account For Half The Day’s Trading Volume

| September 13, 2010

Hmm, this is a rather stunning study to say the least.  And people wonder why there is a flight from equities into bonds. 09-13-2010 The latest Abel/Noser analysis has been released and according to the data analytics firm just 112 stocks now account for half of the day’s volume, the top 20 stocks account for 26% […]

We’re On A Long Windy Down Hill Road To Nowhere

| September 8, 2010

Between 1974 and 1982 nominal stock prices drifted slowly higher as corporate earnings picked up; thereby compressing valuations and ending the bear-market. But from the current look of things we are a ways from that outcome.     

Stock Market Seasonality

| September 4, 2010

Jim Rickards……”A Must Listen To” Interview About The Economy And More

| September 4, 2010

A must listen to interview with Jim Rickards about our economy and more.   We all need to be aware of the direction of things to come.   This interview from Jim Rickards will help in understanding these things better.   Click on the following link or paste into your browser:   Biography of James G. Rickards…..James G. Rickards is […]

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