U.S. Budget Deficit Narrows To 5-Year Low On Record Revenue

| October 30, 2013

Surprised as we are, somehow we don’t think it was employment gains that powered this giant revenue collection….capital gains taxes would make more sense being that stock markets are at all time highs! Bloomberg: The U.S. posted its smallest budget deficit in five years as employment gains helped propel revenue to a record. Spending exceeded receipts […]

Did We Read This Right…..They Gotta Be Kidding, Nope They’re Not Kidding

| March 8, 2013

Here are the key words from below:  Two categories of spending represent 12.5% of all discretionary spending. These costs go up when the economy is weak, they have never, repeat never declined. Consider just these two components of the discretionary spending budget; (1) Food Stamps, and (2) the Earned Income and Child Credits. 1) Food Stamps cost the government […]

Health Care Tid Bits…A Nightmare On Elm Street

| February 27, 2013

What a nightmare…..We spend almost 20% of our gross domestic product on health care in the U.S., and that figure continues to climb. In the U.S., people spend almost 20% of the gross domestic product on health care, compared with about half that in most developed countries. Yet in every measurable way, the results our […]

Wal-Mart, Just The Facts Please…

| July 12, 2012

Can small town America survive a local Wal-Mart……Our opinion is that anytime one company controls so many things, it’s not good for anyone!  A study of small and rural towns in Iowa showed lost sales for local businesses ranging from -17.2% in small towns to -61.4% in rural areas, amounting to a total dollar loss […]

Discretionary Spending In The New Normal

| February 16, 2012

In the new normal let’s review some definitions: (Discretionary spending is a spending category through which governments can spend through an appropriations act.) This spending is optional as part of fiscal policy, in contrast to entitlement programs for which funding is mandatory. As the Budget Control Act cuts discretionary spending to a 50-year low (close to only […]

California January Tax Revenue Well Below Estimate By $528 Million

| February 10, 2012

So, Governor Brown, what happened to the big recovery  you were expecting…and how about the giant consumer spending binge of the last two months fueled mostly on credit……just asking?  This is a disaster to the state budget. Spending up as reflected in sales taxes, while income is down, relected in income taxes. California collected $528 million less in […]

These Are Just The Facts…

| January 5, 2012

Nothing is going to change this. It is what it is!

Coming Out Of The Eye (Calm) Of The Storm

| July 29, 2011

Economically speaking, things slow before they reverse.  That looks to be what we are doing currently.  Whether we slow down more next year, then go off a cliff, or skip that part and fall off the cliff in the next six months will probably be a moot point. The U.S government is broke and not hiring new workers for the first time in our lives. In addition they’re […]

It’s Murphy’s Law….Usually When A Chart Goes Off The Top Of A Page, Things Soon After Reverse The Other Way…

| June 15, 2011

The gap between spending and revenues has never been larger! The American consumer is tapped.  Just look at the outstanding debt count: -over $10 trillion in mortgage debt -$1 trillion in student loan debt -over $750 billion in credit card debt We also have billions more in automotive debt.  This is simply unsustainable and we […]

Shifting Demographics And The New Normal

| September 9, 2010

Shifting Demographics  A factor affecting demand is shifting demographics. The Baby Boomer generation is no longer the consumption engine it has been to the US economy.   We have a generation that, as has been predicted for some time, is reducing its expenses but it may be even more dramatic than forecasted. With home housing […]

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