Scientists Warn Current Yellowstone Quake-Swarm “Could Rip The Guts Out Of America”

| June 17, 2017

This is big news! U.S. currently under contract to house displaced citizens in case of super-volcano calamity! … The U.S. is currently under contract with at least 4 countries all of which have agreed to house displaced U.S. citizens in the unfortunate event the Yellowstone super-volcano were to erupt. Hundreds of billions of dollars were paid […]

Net Worth Percentile Ranking By Age

| June 5, 2017

Here we go, figure where you stand with these age/net worth breakdowns… Net Worth Summary Statistics for Households Aged 25 to 35 Net Worth Percentile Rank : A net worth of $0.00 for ages 25 to 35 ranks at the 22.67% Median Net Worth : $16,000.00 Mean Net Worth : $100,146.00 Net Worth 25th – […]

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