Domestic Equity Funds Showed Large Inflow In Latest Period

| January 19, 2011

ICI data for the week ended January 12 showed domestic equity fund  inflows of $3,765 million following last week’s outflow of $4,229. This is the largest inflow going back to 2009. Bond fund flows in everything but Munis were positive. Non-taxables saw another whopper of an outflow, this time for a total of $2.4 billion. […]

32’nd Consecutive Week Of Equity Fund Outflows

| December 15, 2010

ICI has just released money flows…..and we have the 32nd consecutive outflow from domestic equity mutual funds. Total outflows for the year to date are $96 billion.   We also saw for the first time in a while, an outflow of $401 million in taxable bond funds  (and $1.3 billion in outflows from muni bonds). And here is the cumulative flows chart:

30’th Consecutive Week Of Equity Fund Outflows

| December 1, 2010

Yes, you are wondering how this is possible while the market is going up?  The logical answer is the powers to be (government) have total control of things for now….but if something should happen to change that (and it will), run baby run! ICI reports for the week ending November 24, we had $2.6 billion in outflows from […]

28’th Consecutive Week Of Domestic Equity Fund Outflows

| November 17, 2010

ICI Data shows the 28’th consecutive week of domestic equity fund outflows and $86 billion in outflows for the year! 

26’th Sequential Week Of Outflows From Domestic Equity Mutual Funds

| November 3, 2010

One would think that we’re getting closer to an inflow week!! ICI Data for the week ended October 27th  registered a $2.9 billion outflow from domestic equity mutual funds, making 26 straight weeks, or half a year, of outflows. This brings the total to $84 billion.

Outflows From Domestic Stock Mutual Funds Reach 24 Consecutive Weeks

| October 20, 2010

ICI reports the latest fund flow data: flows into everything are up… except domestic stocks. The only silver lining: the outflow is declining, and we may see an inflow next week. The only marginal buyers continue to be the primary dealers (using POMO cash), pension funds, and algos. Weekly Flows: Cumulative Flows:

Mutual Funds See 23rd Sequential Outflow As Redemptions Accelerate, Hit $80 Billion

| October 13, 2010

 ICI has just reported the 23rd sequential outflow from domestic equity mutual funds, this time redeeming $5.6 billion, the highest since the beginning of September, bringing the total YTD mutual fund redemptions to $80 billion. Weekly Outflows: Cumulative Outflows:

22nd Weekly Outflow From Mutual Funds

| October 6, 2010

ICI’s latest weekly flow report confirms the 22nd weekly outflow from domestic mutual funds.  In September $20 billion was pulled out from domestic stocks. Weekly: Cumulative:

21’st Sequential Weekly Money Outflow From Stock Market

| September 29, 2010

Money flows have shown limited effects on markets recently. The Government and trading robots are now in total control.  This unusual minimal negative effect would not have happened in the 1970-2000 markets.   ICI has just reported that in the week ended September 22, domestic equity mutual funds saw a 21st sequential outflow of $2.5 billion, bringing the total Year To Date […]

20’th Consecutive Outflow From Domestic And Mutual Equity Funds

| September 22, 2010

The stock market is now virtually unchanged in 2010, even as almost $80 billion in equity-capital has been withdrawn.   So here is the question: How is this possible?  Well….it’s a deep subject and we don’t know! 20’th Consecutive Week Of Outflows Beginning on May 5, there have been 20 consecutive outflows from domestic mutual equity funds. […]

Mutual Fund Cash At All Time Record Low Of 3.4% Of Assets In Most Recent Reporting Period…..This Is Long Term Negative For Equity Markets

| September 13, 2010

Domestic Equity Mutual Funds See Outflows For The 18’th Consecutive Week, ETF’s Have Small Outflows

| September 8, 2010

Here is the key to this….In tracking mutual fund redemptions, net cash liquidity is now down to just 3.5% of assets.  This is very negative data for the stock market. Domestic equity mutual funds saw $7.5 billion in outflows, it’s the biggest one week outflow since the $13.4 billion redeemed in the week of the Flash Crash. It’s […]

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