Did We Read This Right…..They Gotta Be Kidding, Nope They’re Not Kidding

| March 8, 2013

Here are the key words from below:  Two categories of spending represent 12.5% of all discretionary spending. These costs go up when the economy is weak, they have never, repeat never declined. Consider just these two components of the discretionary spending budget; (1) Food Stamps, and (2) the Earned Income and Child Credits. 1) Food Stamps cost the government […]

The Food Stamp Line Goes Down The Street And Around The Corner…..

| November 10, 2012

The USDA delayed until Friday night its release of food stamp data for August. A quick glance at the number reveals 47.1 million recipients, which was a new all time record. The monthly increase of 420,947 from July was the biggest monthly increase since last year. www.zerohedge.com

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