Igor A Category 5 Hurricane Is On Its Way….Bermuda and Newfoundland, Canada At Highest Risk

Posted By on September 13, 2010

Additionally there are also other systems of concern in the basin, such as Julia farther east and the possibility of Karl forming in the disturbed weather currently in the Caribbean.

Igor continued on a strengthening phase into Monday.

The last Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic was Felix in 2007. That season yielded two Category 5 storms. The other Category 5 system that year was Dean. Both systems held that level for a 24-hour period.

Igor is forecast by the AccuWeather.com Hurricane Center to begin a curve to the northwest over the next 24 to 48 hours, steering the system to the northeast of the Antilles.

However, building surf will affect the water around the Leeward Islands over the next several days.

Of great concern is how close the system will track to Bermuda over the weekend. The large size of the storm could cause considerable problems for the islands, even if a direct hit does not occur.

However, there is still a chance Igor could slide more westward, missing one or more northward turn-offs, possibly bringing it too close to the Atlantic Seaboard of the U.S. for comfort and more serious problems.

For now, people in Bermuda and Newfoundland, Canada, area highest on the risk for direct impact from Hurricane Igor.

All interests along the Atlantic Seaboard should keep an eye on Igor.

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