Cubans Worried As 500,000 Workers Are About To Be Fired

Posted By on October 3, 2010

Sounds like Cuba is headed in the same direction as China, the model seems to be a hybrid communist/capitalist mix. 
Oct 3,2010
On September 13 Cuba  announced plans to slash one million state jobs,  including half a million between October and March.
On Monday, Cuba starts the six-month process of firing half a million state workers, in a shift that has Cubans very jittery about their fate.”Job cuts for many will mean a process of readaptation that will be quite difficult,” said Cardinal Jaime Ortega, noting: “people are worried.”

The government already has unveiled guidelines for free enterprise activities in 178 fields, as part of the plan to absorb workers set to be laid off into a newly-expanded private sector. Cuba is the only communist country in the Americas, that business is all government-run.

New reforms will allow Cubans to become accountants, masseuses, park custodians, or even open small fruit and vegetable stores, according to the rules set out in the state-run daily Granma.  But many have doubts about the experiment’s ability to absorb so many former state workers.

“It is true that some families could be hard hit during the implementation of this measure,” the official Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma allowed. “But behind them will be the humanist Revolution, evaluating and offering solutions based on real possibilities.”

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