WikiLeaks Domain Provider Drops Them Again…Vagabond, Now In Switzerland

Posted By on December 3, 2010

WikiLeaks…. EveryDNS says it dropped the website after it became the “target of multiple distributed denial of service attacks.” was forced to move its domain name to Switzerland after its U.S. service was withdrawn, may now be banned from French servers. It is “not acceptable” for servers in France to host the site, French Industry Minister Eric Besson said in a letter to the CGIET technology agency. The minister asked for measures to bar WikiLeaks from France, where it is partially hosted by Roubaix, France-based OVH SAS.

As we have said earlier,  Game Over…..Julian Assange looks like a hot potato everywhere he goes!  Rule number 1, don’t challenge, embarrass or attack the U.S. Government or any other government for that matter and think there won’t be serious repercussions to pay (nations will protect themselves and their national interests) , case in point is Panama’s strong man some years ago (1989), a guy named Manuel Noriega.  Sounds like every country mentioned in WikiLeaks has the motivation to hack WikiLeaks website. 

The United States has an extensive network of new world technology a lot of which is directed towards the involvement and protection of the internet. Some of this is done under the direction of The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which is an agency of the United States Department of Defense.  They are involved (amoung other things) in the development of new technologies for use by the military including computer networking, as well as NLS and Internet technologies. In a chess match, we pick DARPA’s  (computer geniuses) as the favorite to deny service by attacks (if so desired) over WikiLeaks internet based technologies ability to defend these attacks!  

Bush Adviser Slams WikiLeaks

Former U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley lashed out at Wikileaks for damaging U.S. diplomacy with its recent document dump.

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