The Democrats (Senator Barbara Boxer D – CA) Are Proposing To Repeal The Electoral College, Wanting To Revert To A Majority Vote – Winner Takes All Election

Posted By on November 16, 2016

Our first thoughts on this was “yes” maybe the electoral college has seen its best days, being that 2 elections in the last 16 years have gone in opposite directions of the popular vote count. 

On the other hand, the founding fathers created it for a reason. That reason was so that areas less populated in the United States would also have an equal say, their votes would mean something, and that they couldn’t be overrun by the few larger populated states exerting their special interests and will on the country as a whole.

So the whole idea of the electoral college was to create equality in voting across the country, and making each vote count toward something. Hmm… maybe it makes sense after all, it at least makes one think twice, doesn’t it?

Trump took the overwhelming majority of U.S. counties (Red), but lost the popular vote because of the concentration of democrats in highly populated areas. The will of the people seemed to be accurately reflected in the voting for Trump as those winning votes represented over 85% of the land mass of the U.S., meaning that the electoral process did work like it was supposed too. 

As shown in this map (click on “Results By County”) from the San Francisco Chronicle, Trump won the overwhelming majority of American counties:



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