Some Food For Thought…..Amazing Government Statistics

| April 5, 2011

Did You Know…..More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined.  Even more interesting are some of the state ratios. Consider this statistic: Today in America there are nearly twice as many people working for the government (22.5 million) than in all of manufacturing (11.5 million). This is […]

A Broken System…Bottom 90% Of Americans Average $31,244 In Income!

| February 22, 2011

How Rich Are The Superrich A huge share of the nation’s economic growth over the past 30 years has gone to the top one-hundredth of one percent, who now make an average of $27 million per household. The average income for the bottom 90 percent of us? $31,244.

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