Obama Healthcare Bill Known As The “1099 Repeal” Has Passed Congress

| April 5, 2011

At least it’s a start…..Congress passes a measure known as the “1099 repeal” because it would relieve businesses of having to file 1099 tax forms for any person or company to which they pay at least $600 in a year. Congress on Tuesday passed the first major changes to last year’s health care law, undoing both […]

Obama Health Care…Coming To You Soon! Doesn’t Look To Simple, Does It?

| November 8, 2010

To get a visual idea of the complexity surrounding the new health-care requirements, you can peruse the following chart prepared by the Joint Economic Congressional Committee, which outlines the bureaucratic Frankenstein that is being created. I’m printing the chart in a size that is too small to read here, just to give you the idea. […]

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