A Penny For Your Thoughts……

Posted By on February 20, 2013

Interesting tid bit’s…..

Pennies and nickels have cost more than their face value to mint since 2006……and Since 2012, the penny has cost almost 2 cents to make and the nickel more than 10 cents, according to the U.S. Mint’s annual report released in January. Those prices have almost doubled over the past seven years.

But if you thought a penny is still made of copper, nope, not since 1982.

Here’s how a penny looks by composition:

1909-1942: 95% copper and 5% tin/zinc mixture.

1943: Zinc-coated steel; 2.7 grams

1944-1946 (and part of 1942): 95% copper and 5% zinc

1947-1961: 95% copper and 5% tin/zinc mixture.

1962-1982: 95% copper and 5% zinc

1982-Current: 2.5% Copper (Cu); 97.5% Zinc (Zn.) (official);

0.8% Copper (Cu); 99.2% Zinc (Zn.) (actual); 2.5 grams

And, how about a nickel…..well, here we still have a nickel composition…sort of!

1938-Current  Jefferson Nickels Composition….

25% nickel and 75% copper…..

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