Star Gazer Arch Crawford Has An Outlier Opinion

Posted By on January 14, 2010

Is It Written In The Stars?– Peter Brimelow devotes his column this morning to the latest projections from Arch Crawford.  Crawford in case you didn’t know, bases many, in fact most, of his projections through the use of astrology.

Brimelow noted that Crawford sees not just another crash this year but dramatic societal changes to go with it.  Brimelow cites one of Crawford’s paragraphs that ends hyperbolically:

“We will do everything but guarantee you that stocks will crash worldwide within three months of August first (that is between May 1 and November 1). It is expected that technical market analysis of data generated by current market action will assist in pinpointing most danger/opportunity as critical moments approach. The fate of the world is in the balance!”

We, too are concerned about societal strains produced by the strident populist posturings in Washington and elsewhere.  We also think this could be a year of food shortages which will strain societal bands.  This truely may be an unusual year ahead. 

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