Consumer Credit Explodes $17.8 Billion While Student Loan Debt Sprints To All Time New Highs

| March 7, 2012

They got to be kidding….nope, consumer credit rose $17.8 billion in the latest monthly data, on expectations of $10.5 while non-revolving credit, i.e., auto and mostly student debt rose $20.723 billion and had the highest sequential jump in this category ever!  Yes EVER! At the same time…after tax incomes fell for the second time in three months after adjustments, according […]

Consumer Credit Jumps By Most In 10 Years

| January 9, 2012

Yep, everybody and their brother are out buying things…the mystery is, that the consumer is re-leveraging while most of their assets are deflating fast.  This will be double trouble.  PIMCO, Bridgewater and Soros have recently been warning about this. Heads up…the just released G.19, aka Consumer Credit  data from the Fed shows a stunning November in which U.S. households borrowed […]

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