U.S. House Passes Tax-Cut Extension Bill

| December 16, 2010

The U.S. Congress passed an $858 billion bill extending for two years all Bush-era tax cuts, and now the measure goes to President Barack Obama for his signature. Majorities of both parties supported the bill. Voting in favor were 139 Democrats and 138 Republicans, while 112 Democrats and 36 Republicans voted against it. Eight lawmakers didn’t vote. The […]

One Down And One To Go! Senate Sends The Tax Cut Bill To The House According To The Wall Street Journal

| December 13, 2010

The $858+ billion bill to extend the Bush tax cuts has secured 60 votes in the Senate, the minimum needed to schedule a final vote. That tally effectively gives a green-light for the Senate to finish the debate and send the package to the House.  Inquiring minds wonder what kind of pork was added to this monstrosity.

The Debate….Bush tax cuts come now or are (forced) later….When the new Republican House majority arrives in January, it will make its first order of business a retroactive tax cut. Republicans would take front stage from that point on.

| November 30, 2010

Democrats have left themselves in a tough spot on the Bush tax cuts. After delaying the issue until after the election and then being trounced in that election, they find themselves with little leverage. If they cannot come up with a plan that can win 60 votes in the Senate, which means at least two […]

47 House Democrats Want To Extend Investment Tax Cuts

| September 28, 2010

September 28,2010 Stephen Ohlemacher Associated Press      WASHINGTON – A group of 47 House Democrats are telling party leaders they want to continue Bush-era tax cuts on investment income, breaking ranks with President Barack Obama and exposing divisions among Democrats over their party’s pre-election message about taxes. The lawmakers, led by Rep. John Adler, D-N.J., have […]

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