The U.S. Business Expansion May Be Slowly Fading Into The Sunset

| April 30, 2012

To soon to tell, but we’ll leave a light on…just in case! From Bloomberg: Business activity in the U.S. expanded in April at the slowest pace since November 2009, a sign that manufacturing may be cooling as business investment eases. The Institute for Supply Management-Chicago Inc. said today its barometer decreased to 56.2 during the […]

Read My Lips…No New Jobs Were Created. None, Zippo, Nota, Just A Big Fat Zero

| September 2, 2011

The U.S. economy added no new jobs for the first time in almost a year, while the unemployment rate was stuck at 9.1%. Economic Failure……Presidential failure….Congressonal failure….Voter failure…. Bank Regulation failure, Healthcare failure…Fair Taxation failure…War failure…Currency failure, etc., etc. …..has caused this disaster that we currently have.  Take your pick of the above.

Swine Flu Spreading at ‘Unbelievable’ Rate: WHO…..This Could Take The Economies Of The World Down Faster Then Derivitives Did

| August 30, 2009

Swine Flu Spreading at ‘Unbelievable’ Rate: WHO PARIS — Swine flu spreads four times faster than other viruses and 40 percent of the fatalities are young adults in good health, the world’s top health official warned in an interview appearing Saturday. “This virus travels at an unbelievable, almost unheard of speed,” World Health Organisation Director […]

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