A Trillion Isn’t What It Used To Be!

| October 31, 2013

If you look back in history, it took the United States 192 years to rack-up $1 trillion of debt.  Then, the next $1 trillion of debt took only 30 years.  Astonishingly, now we are going through $1 trillion each year. Source: Wise Dog Research

It’s Raining Foodstamps…..

| December 9, 2012

How about that!   Just over a mind-boggling 50 million Americans are living in absolute poverty while collecting the $134.29 average monthly benefit per person.     Here’s a fictitious account of how food stamp day might go……..No time to work just got hooked up for some free money, gotta go wait in that long food stamp line, it goes down the […]

Savings…Anybody Know What That Is?

| June 26, 2012

Hmm… Survey: More Than 25% of Americans Have No Emergency Savings! By Nancy Stanley While nearly half of Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover emergencies, one-quarter don’t have any money saved, according to Bankrate.com’s Financial Security Index survey. The general rule of thumb is to have enough cash saved to cover at least […]

Apple’s Year End Cash Equivalent Of $97.6 Billion Would Make It The 58th Largest Economy In The World

| January 24, 2012

Apple is the American success story of the century.  This is one large pile of cash! After generating $37.9 billion in cash, short and long-term equivalents in 2011, and a record $16 billion in Q4 alone (of which $11.8 billion in Long-Term Marketable Securities). The company’s total cash and equivalents horde is now just shy of […]

Question Of The Day: Could You Come Up With $2,000 Cash In 30 Days?

| May 23, 2011

So, what does this report say about the U.S. middle class consumers?  Yep….They’re broke without a credit card handy!  Unbelievable. Only 24.9% of U.S. citizens could definitely come up with $2000 if they needed to in 30 days, according to a new paper from the (NBER) National Bureau of Economic Research (via WSJ.com).Another 25.1% said they […]

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