Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor Reviews Friday Jobs Report…

| December 3, 2011

Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor says not so fast about the big positives on the Friday jobs report.  The jobless rate fell partly because around 315,000 people who had been looking for jobs dropped out of the job market in November. Remember: If you’re not actively looking, you’re not counted as unemployed on the […]

In An Exclusive Interview With ABC, Bill Clinton Proposes Debt Impasse Deal

| June 30, 2011

Agree…..but the economy may not improve for years….we’re in the new normal, best to get used to it! Former President Bill Clinton sees a possible way past the bipartisan impasse over raising the debt limit: agree to cut spending AND raise taxes, but do neither until later, after the economy improves. “If they [the Republicans] […]

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