Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor Reviews Friday Jobs Report…

| December 3, 2011

Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor says not so fast about the big positives on the Friday jobs report.  The jobless rate fell partly because around 315,000 people who had been looking for jobs dropped out of the job market in November. Remember: If you’re not actively looking, you’re not counted as unemployed on the […]

Robert Reich – The Reawakening Of America

| October 16, 2011

Let’s look at the thoughts of Robert Reich’s mission and not worry about it being Democratic or Republican…because as he explains things, it makes a lot of sense…. as for us at, well remember we’re just the messenger! Robert Reich: “Look at the Progressive reforms between 1900 and 1916; the New Deal of the 1930s; the […]

Follow The Money – By Robert Reich

| October 5, 2011

Follow the bouncing ball… Robert Reich takes to the dusty trail a whole lot better then Congress or the White House does.  Will someone please take off those blinders! Today Ben Bernanke added his voice to those who are worried about Europe’s debt crisis. But why exactly should America be so concerned? Yes, we export to Europe – but those […]

Robert Reich: The Truth About The American Economy

| May 30, 2011

Robert Reich is a well qualified guy……we agree with most everything he says, politics aside to stay objective of course!  Reich: During the Great Prosperity the American middle class saved about 9 percent of their after-tax incomes each year.  By 2008, Americans saved nothing, and the typical American owed 138 percent of their after-tax income.  The fundamental […]

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