The Challenge

| January 2, 2011

It should be a national law that the IDIOTS running things at least understand basic math!  If so, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.  This sets the table… can’t go back to 2008 spending levels and still see growth in the economy.  Plain and simple!  On the other hand, we can never grow our […]

An Increase To The Federal Government’s Borrowing Limit Probably Will Have To Wait Until Next Year To Be Addressed

| December 4, 2010

We fully expect that the ‘can will get kicked down the road’ on this matter…… WASHINGTON…..An increase to the federal government’s borrowing limit is being considered in talks on extending the Bush-era tax cuts.  But that issue would be politically very toxic. The current federal government debt limit stands at $14.3 trillion, a mark that may be reached […]

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