Fiscal Cliff’s And Slippery Slope’s

| November 19, 2012

Cumberland Associates has this perspective about the world wide slippery economic situation, and failed post-retirement promises made to a trusting populace. Let us get back to the difference between the US and Europe. European peripheral countries waited too long.  Now they cannot fund the promises that they made for retirement and post-retirement benefits, and so they have to […]

Protests Rage In France Over Pension Cuts

| October 21, 2010

French unions to the government….you can’t do this to us or it will end an entire network of welfare benefits that make France an enviable place to work and live.  Are they kidding?    No they’re not! PARIS (AP) – Protesters blockaded Marseille’s airport, Lady Gaga canceled concerts in Paris and rioting youths attacked police in Lyon […]

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