Houses May Be Down For 10 Or Maybe Even 15 Years…Here Is Why

| May 4, 2011

This long down period makes sense….everybody is hoping for the best, but demographics and many other things point to a very negative period ahead for real estate. Can Americans cope with a 10 to 15 year bear market in real estate?  On this front there is good news, and bad news.  The bad news is that we are likely […]

The Wall Street Journal: Housing Recovery Stalls, Conference Board Said Consumer Confidence Fell Unexpectedly!

| December 28, 2010

So, just wondering why this is such a surprise to the media types……Incomes are down (based on taxes paid) according to Trim Tabs, and home ownership maintenance expenses are rising across the board, including real estate taxes.  The baby boomers are net sellers, not buyers.  The middle class is being squeezed. The demographic economic model is to downsize […]

One Problem Leads Us To Another………….

| July 23, 2009

Through March of 2009, banks had taken only $1.1 trillion in write- downs to date. Even the most conservative estimates put total credit losses at $2.2 trillion. Tilson and Tongue make a convincing case that the losses will be far worse than that – more like $3.8 trillion. And these numbers have only grown over time.  […]

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