Homeowner Mortgage Write-off May Be The Next Target By Congress

| August 18, 2011

Not exactly what the housing market needs to find a bottom….fiddling with or elimination of the real estate mortgage deduction and real estate tax deduction will be disastrous in the current environment. Although the compromise legislation itself involved no new taxes, it created an unusual mechanism, an evenly split, 12-member bipartisan super-committee that could call for […]

The Cutting Of Popular Tax Deductions Is Now On The Table….First Up, Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction!

| October 25, 2010

This from The Wall Street Journal….Are they kidding?…….Nope…….You want civil unrest and riots, like they have in France,  just try to take away or cut the mortgage interest tax deduction……..and watch housing fall further at the same time.  Any Senator or Congressman can be voted out of office if this happens, but not until next election unfortunately.  Hot Hot Potatoes. Sacrosanct […]

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