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Posted By on May 23, 2010

You have North Korea threatening ‘all-out war’ now; which is precisely a situation they calculate the United States cannot afford nor permit amidst this chaos. I fear there’s a risk of miscalculation on their part, which could actually start a hot war. Then I consider their conspiratorial allies in Iran and the terrorists in Lebanon, and I’m wondering if this is a part of what indeed replicates another era; leading to wider war. (Plus the multi-carrier battle group deployments put ‘force’ in that region if needed.)

[We remain (as I noted the other day) in the most debt-ridden obsessive extended as well as dangerous times since the Industrial Revolution started. The saturation point was actually 2000, with rebounds (reflation) under Bush and the failed borrowed-buck one also under Bush and extended into Obama’s Administration. Emerging from this structure will occur in a reformed and manageable way, (but may time to transition as we expanded upon last night).]

Again I argue that government, through deception and false statistics, massaged this too high and increased the likelihood of what we’re seeing now being a bigger drop in the fullness of time, than what would be fair if they hadn’t interfered from the get-go. It also means that the conclusion of this won’t be overnight (aside periodic rebounds as we’ll all be alert for), and the total duration of the ‘controlled Depression’ will actually be ‘protracted’ and extended by virtue of how the precious stimulus was misdirected.  That’s a part of what we called for in this continuing ‘phase 2 of the Depression’ part of ‘The Inger Winter’

A political upheaval will also occur this Fall, and that’s just part of the fallout as well; a likely benefit for those who believe in proper oversight and regulations, but not insane extremism (of the left or the right) and embrace hard work and fiscal conservatism.

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