Commercial Real Estate In A Nut Shell!

| January 23, 2011

It looks like the calm before another storm created by CRE loans in the next 3 years. We know vacancy rates remain high and we know values have not recovered. LTV ratios look to be very tight for many a bank CRE loan. As mentioned below, we crescendo in terms of CRE loan maturities between now and 2013. […]

John Mauldin’s Latest “Outside The Box” E-Letter

| November 16, 2010

John Mauldin Reviews Gary Shilling’s Brand New Book,   The Age of Deleveraging: Investment Strategies For A Decade Of Slow Growth And Deflation.  Some of his opinions are covered below. Roadblocks on the deleveraging highway may include a crisis in U.S. commercial real estate (Chart 5) that could exceed the earlier one in housing. Then there’s a possible […]

The Worst Of All Worlds….Spending On The Rise, And Assets In Demise

| September 22, 2010

Next up….Currency evolved hyper inflation caused by the Fed’s actions to save the world, as the dollar becomes worth much less and commodities without debt attached go vertical (such as food, gold, silver, farm land etc.).   The only real question seems to be when, not if.  In the U.S. we are trying to work through the legacy of accumulating lots […]

Commercial Loan Delinquencies Sets New Record At 8.92%

| September 8, 2010

After two months of moderated growth in delinquent loans backing commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), the delinquency rate in August increased 21 basis points to 8.92%, according to the analytics firm Trepp. It’s an increase from the 8.71% measured in July and another new record. The August delinquency rate is more than double the 4.03% rate […]

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