Government Morons…The Lockheed F-22 Rapter Fighter Jet Program

| August 7, 2011

The F-22 Raptor fighter jet is a sleek, diamond-winged fighter conceived during the Cold War in the early 1980’s to combat a new generation of Soviet fighter jets. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Soviet fighters that the U.S. military planners had feared never moved beyond development stage and none were ever built. So the United States ended […]

U.S. Sets New Deficit Record For February Of $223 Billion…Yep, We’re Going The Wrong Way Folks!

| March 7, 2011

What’s the old saying….records are made to be broken.  The bottom line is we have a bunch of government morons here!  They still don’t know basic math.  March 18’th is the deadline for current stop gap funding. Without a new spending agreement by then, the government will shut down (?). The federal government posted its largest […]

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