Average Household Debt Needs To Drop $26,172 Just To Get Back To 1990’s Levels….

| June 11, 2011

Fat chance of this debt ever getting cut in a timely manor other then by default!  Debt is the reason that the world goes into another recession or controlled depression at some point!  Just a matter of time. $26,172 isn’t some magic number, it’s the amount of debt the average U.S. household would need to cut to […]

Household Debt Accelerating Once Again, But At A Much Slower Pace Then Before!

| March 19, 2011

Defaults have lopped $822 billion off U.S. household debt since mid-2008!  These loans were not payed off, but it looks that way with many of the statistics….. One of the puzzles of the recovery has been how U.S. households have managed to shed some $658 billion in mortgage, credit-card and other consumer debt over the past two and a […]

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