Ireland Throws A Wrench Into The “Euro” Works!

| January 23, 2011

Ireland is out to make things interesting, with a sledge hammer……and everyone thought Europe’s problems were going away!  Hmm! The BBC has just reported that the Irish Green party has pulled out of the ruling coalition with Fianna Fail which is “expected to bring forward the general election from 11 March.” In other words suddenly […]

Ireland Seeks EU-Led Bailout, Works To Avert Bank `Collapse’

| November 21, 2010

Ireland has an unprecedented budget deficit — equaling one-third of its economic output this year!  This bailout is a no-brainer, but up until now Ireland has said they didn’t need any help…..Geez!  Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said Ireland will apply for a bailout as it sets itself up to be the second euro member to seek a rescue […]

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