A Gallup Poll Explains Trump: “A Staggering 75% Of Americans Believe There Is Widespread Government Corruption”

| January 6, 2016

This sums things up very nicely, the world has changed and Donald Trump is the only one brazen enough to talk about pushback against institutional political and economic power. A vote for Trump is not “a vote for Trump”, it is a vote against the broken, corrupt, crony-capitalist model that is now in place in […]

Occupy Wall Street: What’s Really Going On?

| October 16, 2011

This sums it up….and as most know,  we ‘ve been warning of this for a while here at TheStatedTruth.com . It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what’s going on.  It’s elementary my Dear Watson! The main problems that have led to the protests are quite obvious: a pronounced inequality in the distribution of economic […]

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