Can Greece Take Down All Of Europe? Well, They’re Going To Try…

Posted By on May 29, 2011

Dvid Kotak: Greece is about to blow up.  Black butterfly fear plagues the Eurozone’s banking system.  Can Greece take down all of Europe!  Well, they’re going to try.   

We like this part of the review below, Will Roger’s old adage applies: “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” 

Cumberland Advisors

Les Papillons Noirs
May 29, 2011

The black butterfly is in Greece. 

Would things be different if the ECB had not waived its credit-quality requirement in the early stages of the Greek demise?  This is similar to the question about the Fed waiving a rule to facilitate the Bank of America-Countrywide merger.  Note that Countrywide was the first Fed primary dealer to get special treatment; then came Bear Stearns; the crash came with Lehman Brothers. 

Will Roger’s adage applies: “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”  However, history shows that Will’s wisdom is rarely heeded.  Greece is about to blow up.  Black butterfly fear plagues the Eurozone’s banking system.

In this weekend’s Barron’s,Vito Racanelli took an unusual position for his journal.  He wrote, “Europe should make Greece restructure its debt — swiftly.”  Vito’s prescription is harsh. “It would require delaying interest payments and an orderly reduction of the total debt by 50%. With 327 billion euros outstanding, we don’t recommend this lightly.”  Wrote Vito. “Usually, Barron’s staunchly advocates full repayment to bondholders. But the choice for Greece’s bondholders, as we see it, is to accept 50 cents on the euro now – or 30 cents or worse down the road.”  Vito’s forecast is sobering.  “Failure to restructure will also bring further societal and economic ruin. With Greece’s unemployment rate at 15%, biding time until an eventual default could throw the country into depression, incite more unrest and drag all of Europe into deep recession.”

Among the non-Greek Eurozone banks, BNP, Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC are the largest Greek sovereign debt holders (source Wall St. Journal).  The Greek banks would lose most or all of their capital if they were reserved for losses on Greek debt. 

There are legal issues to overcome if a restructuring is to occur.  The Journal reports that technical studies are underway to determine how the Greeks can restructure without triggering a payment clause under credit default swap contracts.  RBC Capital Markets reported these details on May 26.

Meanwhile, Greek and other depositors keep withdrawing their money from Greek banks.  The ECB reports deposit changes in the Eurozone.  For Greece, they are and have been negative double-digit numbers in a year–over–year calculation.  Greek banks have been bleeding deposits for months.  Ireland is the only other Eurozone country with negative deposit numbers.  Who can blame a depositor?  The Greek bank deposit scheme is a nationally guaranteed one.  Therefore, the guarantee is only as good as the sovereign debt promise that secures it.  The markets are valuing that promise at a 50% haircut in two years. (Strategas estimate, May 27)

The black butterfly flits upon the flowers at Delphi.   

Greece is no longer just a liquidity problem.  It is a solvency problem.  It is the most indebted country to the IMF in both total debt ($20 billion) and per capita debt ($1778).  Source: Dennis Gartman. Its GDP is contracting.  Its commercial and residential property prices are falling.  Gross public debt is about 150% of GDP.  It has the highest Unit Labor Costs in the Eurozone and the lowest export share.  Only Iceland has a worse net international investment position. Source: Barclays. 

Greece requires the most fiscal tightening of any EU member country.  Meanwhile, polls show that 80% the Greek population refuses to make any more sacrifices needed to obtain EU-IMF support.  Moody’s warned that “Greek sovereign default could spark contagion as it would have major implications for the Eurozone.

These are some of the reasons why Barron’s has taken this unusual position articulated by Vito Racanelli this weekend. 

“Les papillons noirs symbolisent les craintes depressives,” wrote authors Clement-Grandcourt and Janssen.  Today, Eurozone bankers fear they may be correct.

David R. Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer

Copyright 2011, Cumberland Advisors. All rights reserved.

Please feel free to forward this Commentary (with proper attribution) to others who may be interested.

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