Odd’s Are We’re Headed Back Into A Recession

| August 28, 2011

The forth quarter GDP (Gross Domestic Product) may bounce because of Hurricane Irene damage repairs, but it will likely just be temporary in the bigger picture of things. Rich Yamarone (Bloomberg’s Chief Economist) points out that when GDP year-over-year drops by more than 2%, we have always had a recession. So with Friday’s second-quarter revision (first […]

Why Education Matters In The Job Market

| April 9, 2011

From Chapter 4 Of The Book Endgame: What it shows is that employment is very skewed, as is income. This was as of the end of 2009, but the principle is the same. The clear problem in the United States is this: If the highly skilled have 2.5 percent unemployment, how do you reduce that? […]

John Mauldin’s Thoughts From The Frontline Weekly Newsletter

| October 9, 2010

Thoughts from the Frontline Weekly Newsletter The Ride of the Keynesian Cowboys by John Mauldin   October 8, 2010 Teachers Don’t Count? The Rise of the Temporary Worker The Ride of the Keynesian Cowboys Let Us Count the Unintended Consequences   To ease or not to ease? That is the question we will take up […]

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