Uh….We Wait With Heightened Interest

| April 21, 2013

This is either a big Scoop, or a pile of Poop. Glenn Beck sounds off about his knowledge of a top security matter. In the chaotic timeline of events that took place after the Boston bombing, one story that circulated was that a Saudi National had been take into custody and labeled a “Person of […]

You Won’t Believe This…It’s Top Secret

| October 9, 2011

The Daily Reckoning……It’s Top Secret This from an episode of Frontline called “Top Secret America.”…..One example is the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. According to Dana Priest the DNI started as 11 people in the Old Executive Office Building. In short order, it grew to a couple of hundred people and moved to […]

CBS New York…Sources: Authorities Concerned About Possible Dirty Bomb, Times Square Strike

| September 9, 2011

One thing we would observe, the Feds don’t put this kind of fear into everyone for no reason.  Best to stay indoors this weekend.  “Remember, an awful lot of the security we have you don’t see” , Mayor Michael Bloomberg.   Hmm…..sounds like the Eastern flank is covered, but what about the South, Midwest and out West? […]

CIA Says Terror Plot Planned On Europe And The West

| September 27, 2010

Heightened Terror Threats In Europe WASHINGTON….. In an effort to preempt a suspected terrorist plot(s) against European targets, the Central Intelligence Agency has targeted missile strikes against militants in Pakistan’s tribal regions, according to current and former officials. The strikes, launched from unmanned drone aircraft, represent a rare use of the CIA drones to preempt a possible […]

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