Inflation Based On Three Easy Comparisons…..

| September 26, 2013

Based on the graph below, a new car is the deal of the decade, in fact it’s the best deal going back multiple decades! Wise Dog

The Canary In The Coal Mine

| October 17, 2012

This is the Canary in the coal mine for colleges……trade schools get hit first, then private universities, and then state colleges and universities.  The big growth cycle is over for education.  The student population is buried in record amounts of student loans and debt, and this will take a long time to work off.  A […]

Illinois Looks Like A Sinking Ship

| April 23, 2012

So, the revenue grows but the ship still sinks….Inquiring minds want to know how it can be fixed? In Illinois, the backlog of unpaid bills has risen to more than $9 billion because of pension costs and falling federal aid, leaving the state “essentially treading water,” Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka said. While revenue grew from higher […]

The Year Was 1953

| February 18, 2012

A New House Cost                  $10,000 Average Annual Income          $  4,000 One Gallon Gas                        $     .22 Average New Car                     $ 1,700  Loaf Of  Bread                         $     .16 First Class Stamp                     $     .03 Kodak Brownie Camera          $   13.00

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