Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”

| March 8, 2017

It seems like all most everything we drive, carry, talk on, or watch is bugged by the government…hmm … Anybody wonder where the world will be in 20 years?   WikiLeaks has just published what it claims is the largest ever release of confidential documents on the CIA. It includes more than 8,000 documents as part […]

Feeling A Little Nervous … Seems Like A Lot Of Others Might Be Having The Same Or Similar Feelings Too!

| September 25, 2016

This could get contagious …

So Who Really Owns The Internet? The U.S. Says It Does!

| September 13, 2016

                     Internet users in 2012 as a percentage of a country’s population Map Source: International Telecommunications Union The internet originated in the U.S. back in the 1950’s…As we fast forward to the 1990’s we saw a revolution in web users which was triggered in September 1993 by NCSA Mosaic, a graphical browser which […]

Global Aging Will Change The Future Of World Economies

| October 19, 2015

Global aging is here…and it will change the world as we know it!

Can Water Stop California’s Economic Growth?

| September 2, 2014

California’s sunshine is getting a little out of hand…so we would love to throw a little water on the subject, no pun intended, but….maybe we’ll use sand instead. Source: CDEC

Records Are Made To Be Broken

| June 24, 2014

This just in! The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has announced that May 2014 was the hottest May on record, driven largely by warm oceans!   Sources: NOAA, Wise Dog Research

Our Lives Will Never Be The Same Because Of New Invasive Technologies

| February 6, 2014

There goes the ranch….With “NameTag”, nobody’s privacy will be safe any more! eOnline reports: A new app will allow total strangers to ID you and pull up all your information, just by looking at you and scanning your face with their Google Glass. The app is called NameTag and it sounds like an invasion of privacy. The […]

Cashin’s Comments…From The Floor Of The New York Stock Exchange, But This Isn’t About The Stock Market..Read On

| November 13, 2013

Arch Crawford sends out dosey of a note last night (Tuesday)……  Arch is renowned for his astrological calls on the stock market but this note of caution is not astrological. It is based on a helio-centric theory of astronomy advanced by John H. Nelson, an engineer at RCA back in the early 1950’s. In the days before satellites, […]

The Big Question We’re Currently Asked About, Relates To The Silk Road Website…Yes, The One That Was Just Taken Down By The FBI…So What Exactly Is Tor, And How Did It Work Anonymously?

| October 4, 2013

Well, Tor seems to be a very deep subject, pun intended…..and in fact we don’t profess to know everything about it, but we’ll try to explain things as best as possible here. Tor was originally an acronym for The Onion Router (TOR),and is free software for enabling online anonymity. Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting […]

Stanley Druckenmiller Reviews Key Issues That In His Opinion Will Effect The U.S. Economy

| September 11, 2013

Pay attention everybody, there will be a quiz on this….Stanley Druckenmiller (one of the most successful money managers of all time) addresses key issues for the U.S. economy going forward. Here are a few  snip-its. On what he is most uncomfortable about: “Let’s first set the table and looking at what is going on in the last […]

We Currently Have The Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record…There Have Been None…Not A One, Zippo, Zero, Ziltch!

| August 25, 2013

Unbelievable!  Ok, now we understand better why the commodity market is so unusually tame, especially the softs which have been weak all summer…By definition a soft commodity is a commodity such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, corn, wheat, soybean and fruit. This term generally refers to commodities that are grown, rather than mined, drilled for or raised such as animals.  So […]

The 2013 AMT Tax Nightmare Could Hurt Tens Of Millions Of People

| November 15, 2012

This from Bruce Krasting: The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that President Obama is going to ask for $1.6T in new taxes when he speaks on Friday. The only way that this sized tax increase could be accomplished is if the AMT (Alternative Minimun Tax) is indexed to inflation and hits tens of millions of […]

The Guessing Game….

| September 30, 2012

In This Guessing Game……There Are Four Possible Answers.  So here we go with inquiring minds! With the World on your shoulders,  which one  of  these four outcomes would you look to hitch your horse to…. 1. One who knows and knows that he knows… His horse of wisdom will reach the skies. 2. One who knows, but doesn’t know that he […]

The Best Guess…..

| September 27, 2012

As often is the case, we present some unusual stuff.  Enjoy the ride… The InTrade markets trading on the various outcomes of the Presidential have become increasingly liquid and active in recent weeks. As Morgan Stanley’s Vince Reinhart cleverly notes, by analyzing the odds for control of the Senate, the House, and the Presidential winner, […]

World Bank Warns To “Prepare For The Worst”

| January 17, 2012

No wonder the U.S. is telling Israel to cool they’re heals about Iran…if you want to make a bad situation worse, then start a war in the Middle East and watch oil go to $200 a barrel, then presto, a world depression that would make the 1930’s look like a picnic!   World Bank Cuts Economic Outlook, […]

Oklahoma Has 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake, Its Largest Ever…And Outlier Thoughts For The Rest Of This Year

| November 6, 2011

Odd things are happening in some unusual places, like the largest earthquake in Oklahoma, ever….expect more according to Clif High. Clif does Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis and writes a report called The Shape Of Things To Come.  We have followed him for some time and we have to say he has had some outlandish predictions on things…the interesting thing is that a […]

Nuclear Power Plant Updates

| June 19, 2011

From Washington’s Blog………….. WOWT Reports: [Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant’s chief nuclear officer, Dave Bannister] said for the plant to get to a disaster level, floodwater would have to rise three and a half feet above where it stands now. The Kansas City Star Notes:  The endless complexities have made prediction a tough task, said […]

New Report Details Wall Street Crisis In 2008

| January 27, 2011

“As a scholar of the Great Depression, I honestly believe that September and October of 2008 was the worst financial crisis in global history, including the Great Depression,” ….. Ben Bernanke. The common thought out there is that this can’t happen again….WRONG! The causes have not been remedied.  All eyes should be on the economic road […]

Paul Krugman’s New York Times Op-Ed

| September 27, 2010

It looks like we could have saved the U.S. tax payers a few trillion dollars if the government would have realized the basics of the problems a year and a half ago!  New World Thinking: The government can save everything.  Reality: The government can’t save anything but will try, in the process it will usually make things worse!   Paul Krugman […]

Bonds Vs. Equity…….Money Flows From ICI

| August 30, 2010

According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), bond mutual funds have attracted more money than equity mutual funds for 30 consecutive months through June, the longest stretch in more than 23 years.

AAA Ratings: What A Sham

| August 30, 2010

The Daily Reckoning Presents                     AAA Ratings: A Grim Fairy Tale   How the ratings agencies have managed to emerge from the credit crisis unscathed and unregulated is a mystery…and a sham.”Nothing is ever clear or certain in public,” we wrote in The New Empire of Debt. “Every error is someone else’s fault. That is […]

Baltic Dry Shipping Index Drops Another 4%, Longest Decline On Record Enters 31st Day

| July 8, 2010

Records are made to be broke…. By Tyler Durden         07/08/2010 The Baltic Dry Shipping Index, which contrary to what some may claim, actually is one of the best leading indicators on global trade and thus the health of the economy, continues to plunge, and is now below 2000, hitting fresh 14 month lows, at 1940. […]

RBS Tells Clients To Prepare For ‘Monster’ Money-Printing By The Federal Reserve

| June 28, 2010

This spells big big trouble for the world, it effects everyone every where……………..The ECRI leading indicator produced by the Economic Cycle Research Institute plummeted yet again last week to -6.9, pointing to contraction in the US by the end of the year. It is dropping faster that at any time in the post-War era.   Andrew […]

Gene Inger’s Comments On The Gulf Oil Well

| June 24, 2010

Gene Inger……of the Remember my comment about BP wanting to drill in 500 ft. not 5000 feet Gulf depth? Turns out that everyone (even the Pentagon and Secretary of Energy and the Pres. as well) signed-off on deep drilling. Their logic was self-sufficiency in-event war came with Iran and we needed nearly 8-10 months […]

‘The Whole Casing System Is Deteriorating’…..Shell Oil Ex-CEO

| June 24, 2010

  Sounds like the same thing Matt Simmons said a week ago!    Quotes – Former Shell CEO John Hoffmesiter  June 23, 2010… If you really want to stop a blowout the fastest way the most efficient way is you blow it in, you use explosives.   1:00 Hoffmesiter: Now the problem with that, that is […]

Magnitude 5.0 Hits ONTARIO-QUEBEC Border Region Of Canada

| June 23, 2010

Magnitude 5.0 – ONTARIO-QUEBEC   BORDER REGION, CANADA   2010 June 23 17:41:42 UTC   Earthquake Details   Magnitude 5.0 Date-Time Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 17:41:42 UTC Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 01:41:42 PM at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 45.862°N, 75.457°W Depth 18 km (11.2 miles) set by location […]

Seabed Fissures And The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Disaster

| June 14, 2010

Rick’s Picks  Monday, June 14, 2010 “Phenomenally accurate forecasts” We’ve railed at traders and speculators recently for their arrogant and sometimes breathtaking stupidity in failing to discount an onslaught of world-shattering news. If the dolts, rubes, bozos and mountebanks who have kept stocks afloat even remotely understood what has been going on in this world, we wrote here recently, […]

U.S. Bankruptcy Rate Near 5-Year High

| June 4, 2010

By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK, June 3 (Reuters)     The pace of U.S. bankruptcy filings edged up in May to the second-highest daily level since 2005, reflecting the difficulty Americans have in working off excess debt even as the economy improves. There were 133,459 U.S. bankruptcy petitions filed in May, 10 percent more than a year […]

Let’s Go Over This Again…..The Resilient Household Is Prepared For Unknown Events…..Water, Food And Energy Are Somewhat In Our Control And We Should Stock Pile These Items, Financial and Health We’ll Try And Do Our Best With. In A World With More And More Outlier Events Occuring, Let’s Face It, Anything Can Happen. Next Up would likely Be A Large Earthquake On The West Coast Of The United States And Most likely In California. A Nuclear Alternative To Shut Down The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Well Blowout Could Trigger Unforseen Events With Unknown Consiquences! If This Happens, We Will Have One More Outlier Event On Our Hands. Hopefully It Can Be Cleaned Up!

| May 31, 2010

Are You A Reseilient Household?

| May 30, 2010

Another Outlier Event…..Hundreds Die As Temperatures Reach All Time Record Of 122F In Indian Heat Wave

| May 30, 2010

Hundreds Die In Indian Heatwave Sunday 30 May 2010 Death toll expected to rise as India faces record temperatures of up to 122F in hottest summer on record. Record temperatures in northern India have claimed hundreds of lives in what is believed to be the hottest summer in the country since records began in the […]

British Petroleum Says “Top Kill” Fails…..Matt Simmons Tells Bloomberg Only Way To Contain Oil Leak Is With Small Nuclear Bombs

| May 29, 2010

  BP said its latest effort to plug a mile-deep oil and gas gusher in the Gulf of Mexico with drilling fluids has failed in stemming the flow of hydrocarbons.  We now have another outlier event unfolding. By Tyler Durden on 05/29/2010 In his May 28th interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Crumpton and Lori Rothman, Matt […]

The Steep Fall In The Money Supply Matches The Average Decline From 1929 To 1933

| May 27, 2010

This is not good any way you cook it……..The pundits are buzzing about the rapid decline in the money supply of late. The latest catalyst for the chatter is a story yesterday in the Telegraph, which ran this provocative headline: U.S. money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus.The story goes on […]

Volcano Air Travel Disrupted Over Europe Again

| May 10, 2010

Gordon_Gekko    05/10/2010     Satellite photo of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano May 7th, 2010 (via NASA Earth Observatory)  I know right now everyone is focused on the drama playing out in Europe over Greece et. al., but there is another little sideshow being produced over there by Mother Nature which has the potential to take centerestage and […]

Is the Federal Reserve Behind The European Bailout?

| May 10, 2010

By Larry Doyle|May 10, 2010, 12:57 PM|Author’s Website   Is the American taxpayer ultimately bailing out the European Union? Far fetched? Don’t be so sure. While the focus of the European bailout is on the European Central Bank, the European Union, and the IMF, little attention is being given to swap lines which were reopened […]

Morgan Stanley’s Stephen Roach See’s Increasingly More Frequent And More Dire Crises Coming Up

| May 10, 2010

Tyler Durden    05/10/2010   Morgan Stanley’s Stephen Roach spoke with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene earlier, pointing out the most troubling statistic about recent market activity, which has to do with both the frequency and amplitude of catastrophes: “The crises are coming with greater frequency. Over the last 25 years we have had an average of one […]

Why The Center Cannot Hold……John Mauldin’s “Outside The Box”

| May 7, 2010

Risks associated with the fiscal deficits. And by the way, we should note that 25 of 27 European countries are running deficits in excess of 3% of GDP. Ireland has a deficit of 14.3%. Portugal is at almost 10%. Greece is almost 14%. Here is a table from Variant Perception in London, from data from […]

The Credit Default Swaps “Roulette Wheel”…..Jim Sinclair Shares His Opinion

| May 7, 2010

The solution is the problem. “Main Street is in the hands of a Roulette Wheel.”    The name of the “Roulette Wheel” is Credit Default Swaps. It does not matter what the G-7 or the G-20 does. It does not matter what the IMF, ECB and Fed under a beard do. Mrs. Merkel’s foolish political […]

Oops…..Hit The Wrong Button At The Market Trading Desk, Run Baby Run

| May 6, 2010

Here Are Some Comparisons Of The Exxon Valdez Tanker Spill Back In 1989 Vs. The Horizon Deepwater Blowout Currently

| May 2, 2010

Here are the comparisons of the Exxon Valdez tanker spill vs. the Deepwater Horizon well blowout…………..If the 25,000 barrel-a-day estimate is accurate (it may turn out to be conservative) and the leak lasts for 90 days, that would total 2.25 million barrels, or 94.5 million gallons vs. 11 million gallons for the Exxon Valdez tanker disaster.  The […]

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